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The Mental Wellness of this Writer

I wanted to take some time to address my current state of mind. It seems that I am in a place of unrest. Anxiety and depression seems to be chasing after me. 

I would be lying if I told you that deliverance out of mental Illness has caused it to completely disappear out of my life. I am no longer stuck in the deep pit with no way out but I do occasionally run into pot holes that have the potential to become pits if I do not address the issue. 

So here I am today addressing the issue. My mental health is in a state that I revisit every few months or so. It is an uncomfortable place for my spirit and body. My mind gets off track and begins to tiptoe on a thin line of depression and anxiety. It is a mild state that is only noticeable in my room and my writing habits. 

My room is a disaster because I do not have the energy to keep it in order and my writing is sporadic because I am experiencing confusion and anxiety about how to organize my thoughts, feeling, and experiences. Blog drafts begin to pile up and every social media post takes more energy than usual to get posted. 

I am sharing this information with you because I want you to know that it is okay to be off your game. Maintaining mental health takes work just like physical health does. When you are not feeling your best self you should know the signs and habits that indicate what’s wrong. 

Push through the valley and start your journey up hill. This blog post for me is my first step to making my way back uphill. 

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