Forgetting the Formula

Some people do really well following the formulas constructed to make our lives structured and meaningful. I must admit that I have never had the capacity to follow the formula. Society has set a structure that points to a picture of success that for some reason I physically, mentally, and emotionally can not follow in a traditional linear pattern no matter how hard I try. It is as if routines and to do lists are a mortal enemy to me. Its like God constantly shifts the ground below me just for giggles. I find myself anxious when met with time restrictions and bored to a point of nausea at a task that is routine and repetitive.

I picked up a new book called Searching for God Knows What written by Donald Miller who has quickly become my favorite Christian author. In the first chapter he talks about looking for formulas throughout the Bible after being given formulas for non-fiction writing at a conference. He went home with the intentions on finding formulas in the Bible. He was not successful and came to the conclusion that there are no formulas at all, only steps.

Millions of steps taken in different directions, and directions that change at a moments notice. This sunk deep into my heart because he continued on to say that the sooner that we accept this truth and fall in love with God the sooner we will realize that the twists and turns is the literal testing of our faith. With this realization the sooner we will be able to trust God. He is teaching us not to rely on easy answers, bullet points, mantras, but his guidance, mercy, and love.

I had begun another book and before this one and I felt a pulling to start this one. I now know that it was the Holy Spirit inside of me pulling me in a different direction away from the path I wanted to take. Listening to the Spirit and beginning this book opened the door to the clarity I have been praying for and the freedom from the formulas never meant to apply to my life.

I am here to remind you all as well as myself to forget the formulas set by society and to trust God. Trust his process and path for your life even when it leads you onto roads you did not plan to travel on. Out of the box experiences create expanded faith. A formula can be explained and many of the things that God is waiting to do in our lives will not be explainable.

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