Soul Adults Clothed in Glory


Got me asking Wakanda God would do this for for me. Lay down his live so that I may be free. Then raise from the dead and defeat my enemies. Turn right around and accept the imperfect inner me. Does he find us so important that

he would set apart a Chosen. Royal. Holy. Peculiar people like this. Pick us up from the dirt and wash us clean. To find out all that time it had been pure gold underneath.

All the lies and deceit thrown at us to make us weak, we laid there and took it until we found our seat. On the royal throne is where we now belong. Our Father is the King of Kings heir to the highest priest.

Now We are Drippin in Finesse and Anointing from the impartation of the Holy Spirit.

All is well with My Soul.

I ain't got no worries because the price was paid for me to be here.

So Ask me About Jesus now. You watched him transform my life he will do the same for yours. His blood covered my sins and I am a new creature,

Loyal like Ruth, Redeemed like Mary, Pray-er like Hannah, Courageous like Esther, Protector like Miriam, Leader like Deborah, Faith like Mary. Man beside me is Bold like Peter, Heart like David, Wise like Solomon, A Provider like Boaz, Redeemed like Paul, a leader like Moses, faith Like Noah. Even with all those great qualities in us all there is still no one like Jesus.

Soul Adults has launched its clothing line and it is sure to be a must have for everyone who reps Jesus and enjoys the spice of black culture. There is something great about a child of God who has embraced the kingdom calling. Represent Fearlessly! Head to and order your tees!

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