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The Pretty Plus Princess in : Cherry Blossom Model


I am a model. I use that term loosely because its something I do for fun and because the opportunity presents itself. My professional model friend gave me a piece of advise once that has stuck with me. She told me, "you should never have to pay for it if its meant for you to do." I take that into consideration when I take photos because in fact I have only ever paid for one photo-shoot in my life and I probably have about 15 photo-shoots under my belt. It may not seem like a lot to you but for a regular like me its pretty good considering the circumstances. Either way I am blessed to have a few photographers around me who enjoy taking pictures with me and there usually is no price tag involved except for being the on call baby sitter. We call it the barter system.

So this particular instance I was down for Sushi in exchange for babysitting services. Due to scheduling conflicts it ended up being a 45 minute photo session. I was not prepared for it because again, I just wanted a sushi lunch and not photos. So with a limited window to prepare, I opted for a target run the night before. I gave myself a $30 budget for the shoot. I tried on a few things and this black sheer cherry blossom dress stood out to me. Our destination for the shoot what the Pagoda in Downtown Norfolk. As you can see the location changed because of the rain. I figured the dress would be a great option for a spring shoot and that the photos would be relevant into summer.

I paired the dress, which happened to be on clearance for like $13, with a pair of vintage gold earrings and black sandal-like heels. I would wear this look again for date night or to a fancy event.

The great thing about being the Pretty Plus Princess is I am always prepared for a shoot even when I am not prepared. I am always at a moments notice "camera ready".

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