Through Hell and High Water to Horsepower

Have you ever looked back at a series of events and it all began to make sense? Well I have had this happen to me multiple times. This specific time it concerned my car and the journey that I had to get to a blessing that was a complete work of God to get me to trust his voice.

It all began March of 2017, when I first had begun to volunteer at the church I currently work at. Headed to help with the after-school program, I experienced my first car accident. I ran into the back of a woman. Even in this terrifying experience God made sure to make his presence known. The woman and I talked about the Lord as we waited over 30 minutes for an officer to arrive.

For the next 10 month I would ride my Nissan around with a very bent hood and a transmission with an attitude. My car would literally refuse to accelerate after stopping at a light, I would have to pull over and turn the car off and turn it back on to get it to drive over 20 mph. It became a humbling experience for what would come. In the midst of driving my Nissan I had been offered help by my church to contribute to paying for another car. I searched and searched but I could not find a reliable car in my price range.

My mechanic was selling cars but before I could get enough money saved, the cars would get sold. So I became content with my busted Nissan. Until one day my car would not start. I did not panic because I knew God had a plan, I just was not quite sure what it was. My church family jumped on the case and got their mobile mechanic to my house in two days and $30 and a new set of spark plugs later I was back on the road.

What happened in between and after that time is the real testimony. After my car would not start I sat down again and began to look at cars. While on Facebook marketplace a still small voice that at that moment seemed like my consciousness said "your car is going to be green and in your price range". So naturally I put that voice to the test because it felt like the Holy Spirit, but it also felt like me. I looked and looked for a green car in my budget with no success so I thought the what I heard was just my own inhibitions manifesting .

Fast forward about a month or so, I am at my mechanics shop with my mom giving him cash for working on a friend's car. My mom asks if he is selling any cars. He proceeded to show us the cars he has for sale and I spot a green 1994 Mustang convertible but I quickly dismiss it because I am thinking who about to dish out money for me to be riding around in this too cool for school car. My mother turns to the Mustang and asks him is it for sale and for how much. He tells her the price and she responds,"we want this car".

PAUSE!!!........... WE DO?! MA..... WE WANT THE MUSTANG?! at this point I could jump out of my skin lay on the car and cry a flood. It was at that moment that it clicked. The voice that I heard a month prior to that moment was not my own, it was that of the Holy Spirit. My Mustang Rose is green, and we bought her for a price that was within my budget.

I look back at the struggle I had to get to this blessing and it still makes me emotional. God has a funny way of ordering our lives. If i could leave you with one lesson I learned it would be to trust God's process. Its not enough to say the process because you will often find yourself frustrated at the process. When you focus our eyes on God you will not miss his voice the way that I did at first. Enjoy the journey that leads to your blessing.

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