How I reached my hair goal in 1 year without protective stying

Many ladies flourish during this natural journey by embracing the art of protective low manipulation styles. If you count the three times I two-strand twisted my hair and left it in for a week at a time then maybe I have mastered the art.

I’d like to think that my hair grows better when I manipulate it at least twice a week. With a sensitive scalp and strands prone to dryness there is no way I could survive a month of box braid. My scalp gasps for air at the thought of a sew-in. 

That’s just the basic reality of my journey. So when I fried my hair November 2016 straightening it with the wrong products I left myself with no choice. I had to cut my hair off. Don’t worry it looked great on me, but my hair is my glory and I like it when it’s long.

Here are 3 things that helped me reach my hair Goal in a year. 

ACV Rinses

Hair Skin and Nail vitamins 

Bantu Knots

If you’re still sleeping on the power of apple cider vinegar then shame on you. Although the smell is strong it works wonders for the hair and even the skin ( on the face). I started doing ACV rinses as an alternative to shampoo/ cowashes during the week. ACV cleanses and it smooths the cuticle of the hair making it harder for moisture to excape the strands of the hair.  It helped with dandruff as well. It’s supposed to be good for thinning hair but my hair is super thick so I didn’t see a difference in that area. 

I’d like to think that the daily intake of vitamins helped grow my hair longer and stronger. It’s usually hit or miss but in conjunction with lots of water I think the vitamins gave my hair an extra boost. 

Bantu knots are my best friend. I can do them and wear them out for a day or two and take them out and rock a nice stretched curl. I couldn’t ask for more.

These three things I did consistently along with conditioners and oils. I simplified my routine and stuck to what worked for me. 

Need more details let me know ! 

Tip: Garnier Frutis  and Trader Joe’s Tea Tree conditioners are essentials. I use those conditioners for everything. 

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