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The Pretty Plus Princess in : Curvy Confidence

Finding confidence in my curves has not been an easy road. With strength and love from God I slowly grasped the curves I have and now I handle them with grace and pretty good style too.

I used to stand in the mirror and cry. I would look my own self in the eyes and weep, because I hated how I looked. I had been bullied and the words of the children around me stuck to me and burrowed under my skin like emotional parasites aimed to suck me dry. By the time I started high school I had begun to find ways to portray my self as confident. I wore low cut shirts, push up bras and tight jeans. I made sure to keep my hair laid in efforts to feel confident in the less than perfect body I was given. Underneath there were still insecurities about my self worth. I did not grasp the true value of my own self until about a year ago. I had a photoshoot. It was the first time in years since I had stepped in front of the lens. When I received the pictures I was In awe of what I saw. I had become a radiant woman with a glow that came from the inside and it showed through my eyes. My confidence in God had grown my confidence in myself. Despite the fact that I had picked back up the weight I lost from moving back home and my hair was shorter than ever before from chopping it off a few months prior my beauty was real.

Confidence comes from God. It is a gift to be able to see yourself the way that God sees you. Its not about what you wear or your shape, it is about the light you shine and how noticeable it is based on how you allow God to use you. I noticed the light and through the darkness I became able to embrace this imperfect vessel I have been give. I know that in my imperfection God had still chosen me to carry his perfect light.

Now lets get into this look of curvy God given confidence.

This is a Pocahontas inspired look obviously because of the suede neutral and turquoise colors. I found the skirt at the G by Guess store. It has a matching crop top, I bought the set on clearance when the store was closing down. I paired this skirt with a basic H&M thin sweater shirt that is a timeless piece because its thin and flows so it can be worn with pretty much anything. I also paired this shirt with a torrid waist belt to add some drama to the pencil skirt. I love a cinched waist because of various reasons that you could probably figure on your own.

My shoes are from target I wear these strap heels with everything because they go with everything and they are relatively comfortable. The fish net socks sent it over the edge for a classy but sexy look that I adore.

My earrings are from J Crew and they are a gold hoop with turquoise green tassels. I have these earrings in red also. My anklet is a multi purpose piece that I often wear as a bracelet or a choker but this day I decided the ankle was the move. I do not know where this piece of jewelry is from because ti was a gift.

I hope you enjoy this look as much as I do. I would wear this to an event or for a date night . Its a conservative sexy which is what I like to aim for. I love to emphasis my curves without showing too much of them and I nailed that with this look.


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