Vague to Voluminous Valentines

This time last year my focus was on me for Valentines Day this year it is the polar opposite. Check out my mood from Valentines day last year.


Visibly Voluptuous and the Vague Valentine I could have a Valentine, maybe I should have a Valentine but the truth is, I do not want a Valentine this year. I would rather save myself the 24 hours of scheduled smitten and save it for when I really want to use it. Flowers are nice but if I want flowers I can go into the grocery store and get some or wait until spring and go to the botanical garden. Wait, how about we not but pre-cut flowers in the name of love. Candy is delicious but the pre-packaged "Valentine Theme" candy is just obnoxious. A sugar rush is not what you want for me anyway.

I guess you can see that I am single during Valentines Day this year. I could put forth some effort, do some late night snap-trappin and find a boo real quick. You know, a Netflix and Chill for Valentines day, but who wants that. This year I have decided to sit this one out.

For years Valentines Day was a favorite of mine. One year I baked cupcakes and bought Carnations for Valentines Day. I was literally leaving my friends and favorite teachers cupcakes and flowers on their desks to surprise them. I did this out of a deep love and appreciation I had for those around me. I remember buying Valentines and never quite receiving what I was looking for back. As if, as much as I wanted it to be Valentines Day was never as satisfying as everyone made it seem.

This year, Valentines Day does not evoke any type of emotion because I am in a soul searching phase. There are vague memories of Valentines past, all full of candy, flowers, surprises and love from a significant other, that I do not look for love from anymore. As the holiday approaches I experience mostly thoughts of reflection and expectation of what I really need and deserve to feel love from another person. I do not want love just on Valentines Day, I want love everyday.

To all the happy couples, Happy Valentines Day! To all my singles, Happy Vague Valentines!


I read that this blog draft this morning and I laughed. This year I have over 20 valentines and I am excited to spend my Valentines Day evening with them playing games and experiencing the sugar high of a lifetime. My middle schoolers and high schoolers bring so much love and light to my life. I am happy to call the mine!

Happy Valentines Day babies!! Know that I love you with all the love that Jesus Christ has stored deep down in my heart! Lets celebrate! These Minute to Win It Games will be epic! May your candy towers be high and your sugar rush never run dry!



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