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The Pretty Plus Princess in Versatile Valentine

Putting this look together I had in mind the need for versatility. Lately my schedule has been hectic and all purpose outfits have become a necessity. In the Valentines day spirit I created a look that can go from office to dinner date.


The classic rose pink on black displays a flirty and fashionable flavor sure to be flattering on anyone.

I started with the black tulle skirt, which always turns any outfit feminine. I bought this skirt from H&M on the sale rack in late August. Skirts like this are perfect year round, the length is appropriate for all occasions and its a piece you can dress up or down. You will see this skirt again. I can promise that.

I found a sheer pearled rose shirt at the thrift store and I knew it would pair well with the rose H&M button up. I tied up the rose button up at my waist because you know I love the cute face little waist and a big behind effect a tied shirt gives.

I also popped a few buttons open to add a little extra sexy to this girly outfit.

I added baby doll socks to the look because I have been digging the socks and heels look. I frequently wear fishnet socks with my heels and flats, this pattern was too cute to pass on. I put on my signature strap heels and BB got herself a valentines day look.

Happy Valentine's Day,


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