The Knowledgeable Source

Teach me knowledge and good judgement, for I believe in your commands.

(Psalm 119:66)

Who do you let teach you? I admit that the world has taught me a lot of good, but it has also taught me a lot that is wrong. Before walking in Christ I relied on my own judgement to make decisions. Fast forward to now and I do not think I would be able to function if I could not ask God for guidance each and every day. I have a life long teacher who is just and absolute in power. I can not even see ten minutes ahead sometimes, luckily I serve a God who sees all thing, at all times, from the beginning of time to the end.

I am not saying that other sources of information are not knowledgeable. I am saying that God is THE knowledgeable source. If you need some answers concerning situations that are out of your control, it is important to go to him. Leave your concerns in Gods hands because he had it figured out way before we were even born.

You would be surprised how much God can teach you concerning navigating your life when you call on him. God will literally begin to send you instructions and tests to mature your knowledge and good judgement in him once you begin to ask for his help. Now I am not saying seeking the knowledge of God is easy but it is worth the cost. None of the answers to your questions will come when you want them, the answers come in his timing, but at the perfect time. Nor will God hand you a detailed guide of what to do in tough situations. Instead he will expect you to watch and listen closely for subtle instructions, then send you through the same test over and over until you pass that test with your new knowledge.

When I moved back home after hitting rock bottom, my mother and I argued a lot. Soon after moving home, I rededicated my life to Christ and my relationship with my mother was on the top of my prayer list. I began to try really hard to have peace with my mom and for the most part it was working. I started to notice something, every single Friday evening my mother and I would argue. Once I noticed this it lit something inside of me that became fed up and I was determined to break the cycle. So the next Friday rolled around and here we go at it again. In the middle of the argument I threw my head back and scream, "God do you see this? Help us, I do not want to argue anymore." I proceeded to cry out to God and ignore my yelling mother who at this point was calling me crazy. Guess what..... my mother and I never argued like that ever again.

God needed me to pay attention to him and to be bold enough to KNOW that he sees me always even in the midst of a storm. He took that situation and taught me to never try to do things on my own terms or from my own understanding .

I will always trust in THE KNOWLEDGEABLE SOURCE.

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