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The Pretty Plus Princess in Grey Blues Great Baby


Hello..... fancy meeting you here. Welcome to the home of the Pretty Plus Princess. I am BB and I run this segment of BranDid. You could say I am the part of Bran that she keeps in her bag. I am here to pull up.... hop out...... you know, show the side of Bran her humble heart likes to keep on the low. So lets start this party.


I call this look Grey Blues Great Baby. I centered the look around this pair of blue-grey boots I found on clearance at DSW at the end of the winter season of 2017. I started off looking in Target the night before this shoot, yes the night before because I work better under pressure. I was looking for something within my color scheme of neutrals and I stumbled upon a three pack of patterned socks. When you are looking for statement piece it should pop out at you. So immediately I knew that these socks would match my boots.

After aimlessly walking around the store some more I saw a rack of off the shoulder tops that were on clearance. At this point I was plotting on the nude pencil skirt lost in the abyss of my clothing back at home. The shirt in the front of the rack was a burgundy color that caught my eye, which they did not have in my size *insert rolling eyes emoji*. So I continued to flip through every shirt praying to find at least one in my size in any color. As you can see they had my size in this pretty blue grey!!

I left target and headed to Walmart in search of stocking or tights to wear. I found some cheap off black stockings that I was not convinced would work, but it was gonna be cold outside so I bought them. I needed something on my legs to camouflage the ash that would inevitable seize my brown skin.

I also needed a strapless bra that wouldn't cut off my circulation nor cut too deep into my caramel jelly filled chest area. I took a chance on a cheap soft bandeau bra. This bra almost did not hold up, praises be to God that it did.

I got home and began to lay out the outfit. My friend came by with her sister and I showed her my outfit. She suggested that I wear the tights I was currently wearing and she was absolutely right (thanks Alexis me love you long time)! So I mad dashed to wash my tights (which I have no idea where they came from I have had these tights since high school) and air dried them in front of a fan for the shoot.

So here I am the next morning getting ready. I straightened my hair to the Lemonade album and Bran had passed the baton to me. BB in full effect and feeling the confidence rising. It was going to be a good day. So I met my photographer Brenten Sims @20_sumn at Cure Coffeehouse in Old Ghent. I sat pretty while he finished an interview, but I got word that my friend Jaz was next door working. So I headed over to Hummingbird Macarons to see her. Soon Brenten joined me next door and feeling the vintage aesthetic we began our shoot there.

Let me pause and say if you have not been to Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts and you live in the Hampton Roads area, you are missing out. Its a Black owned small business too which is a major key in my book.

So we shot inside and then ventured outside where we found a few great scenes. It was freezing cold but the Erykah Badu spotify playlist kept us warm.

I will say that this look came out great. I put forth effort creating the look but effortlessly. In the winter it is easier to layer and create dynamic looks. My biggest accomplishment from this look was color and pattern mixing. Also trusting my eye for picking up on the blue grey hues you see consistently throughout the outfit.

Questions or comments about this look or inspiration behind it? Catch me on Social media FB @bran_did, IG @bran_did , and Twitter @bran_did

Another shout out to @20_sumn visit the website 20sumn.com

Thank you for joining the Pretty Plus Princess

- Love , BB

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