Believing in BranDid

Do you ever find it hard to really express yourself? Is it hard putting into words everything that you really feel deep down inside of you? Well join the club because that has been my struggle as well, but it hasn't stopped me from trying.....


I have struggled with finding a way to express myself for what feels like forever. Somewhere along the road I hit rock bottom and I looked up and realized that if I did not find out what I wanted out of this life, this life would kill me. May of 2016 while in the dirt of my lowest God gave me the vision to write. I began with sticky notes and my thoughts were scattered. The few friends I had around me started to look at me sideways. I kept writing and dumping my ideas onto paper even when they made no sense. I expressed my thoughts with my late Father Michael Holloway God bless his soul..... and he told me that God said to start my website. So I did. It started as a modeling portfolio and a few scattered blog posts on a wix website template. In October of 2016, I decided that I wanted to take it further, so I created a plan. This idea developed into a 40 week Instagram/ Blog plan that I did not know would change my life.

As January of 2017 approached I put my plan into action. Color schemes and topics that came straight from the heart. I had no idea that I was a poet, until I couldn't formulate organized thoughts to create and produce blog posts every week. I continued to write sporadically but I stayed consistent with my social media. I began to feel comfort in who I was becoming. I began to embrace the beauty of gradual progression. I knew that I would become all that God has called me to be but in his timing, so I might as well have a good time during the process.

Self exploration started off as a scary journey. I began walking with no real direction but knowing that God was leading me, even in the dark. Sure enough as I began to take steps in the darkness God began to light milestones ahead of me. As I would reach those stones, I myself began to glow from within. As if God was allowing me to soak up the lessons of my accomplishments and carry them in my soul. I call it my Godly Glow. So when you see me shining you know where it comes from.


Welcome to my next level, my level up, my next phase, my upgrade.....whatever you want to call it.

The content I produce may not always be perfect or the best but it belongs to me. What you see when you visit anything connected to BranDid is authentic. My intentions are to motivate, educate and spread the love God has so graciously given me. I am on a journey that lasts so far into a future that I can not even really see it and I am okay with that. The ups and downs and everything in between is what I live for.

Welcome to BranDid 2018

Photography by : Marshall Arts Studios

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